Career Advice For Women: Importance of mental health

First Name: Rachael
Your Career Story: You learn a lot about yourself and life after college – and the one thing that I learned is the only constant is change. Upon my graduation from my Bachelor’s from MSU I started a career in advertising. I held a few different jobs and was also able to secure a Masters Degree in Marketing from Walsh college. Media is constantly changing and so are the companies who sell it. I had gotten my real estate license right before the company I worked for reorganized and was laid off. The day after I got laid off I was in the real estate office that I work for now. I’m very blessed because I feel a lot more at ease, and don’t feel the same pressures or stress with a 9-5. I realize that I am the type of person who is very independent in her work. I enjoy working with people, but I am not someone who needs to have a manager. My advertising background has helped me immensely.

Words of Advice: Don’t stay at a job just because it’s secure. Your mental health is just as important as your financial stability. Be open to other career opportunities and be open to career changes especially if that means they can be more lucrative and maybe are a little outside of what you studied for school.

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