Career Advice For Women: Celebrate your career milestones

First Name: Kristin
Your Career Field: Pharmaceutical 
Your Career Story:  From pay raises to promotions, career milestones are a reason to celebrate. Starting your first full-time career can also be a huge step! Every person is going to have a different path for challenges, victories and milestones. Write down your goals and how you want to get there. Think short-term and long-term and what you want to strive for. Take time to think on what you want in life and how you want to get there. Start by recognizing the accomplishments and goals you achieve every day. Celebrate even the smallest of wins and stay motivated. 

Words of Advice:  Celebrate your personal achievements and career milestones.  Even the smallest of wins can make a big difference. 

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A film enthusiast who enjoys the history and process of movie design and development.

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