Career Advice For Women: Collaborate With Others

First Name: Bianca
Your Career Field: Social Worker
Your Career Story:  Collaborating with others will help you and your team achieve better outcomes. Building upon your skills for either a new role, or breaking into an industry is a must. By solving problems and looking at the big picture you can see a variety of perspectives. By working together, you can solve problems faster and drive better outcomes for your team long-term. If you have the time, get together as a team to share your ideas and ask questions. By asking questions and always brainstorming you can leverage multiple areas of expertise. Sometimes, when working with others problems can arise. Mistakes will happen but willing to have open communication with others and focusing on working together to find solutions will make your team grow. It can be hard, but forgive mistakes when others make them and take responsibility when you make ones yourself.

Words of Advice:  Collaborating with others can create better results and an inspiring work environment. 

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