Career Advice For Women: Have the courage to live for yourself

First Name: Taryn 
Your Career Field: Fashion
Your Career Story:  Have the courage to live your your own life. 
Make your own decisions and do what makes you happy. It will take time, but figure out what you want and what interests you. Finding your goal or dream job can be difficult and challenging but don’t quit until you find something better. As an entrepreneur, start with small ideas and goals. Once you get into a habit of how you want to improve your life, think bigger when wanting to reach your goals and milestones. Never stick around people who want to control your life or have toxic behaviors. Live your life by making decisions you want to follow. Think like a boss!

Words of Advice:  Live your life, not someone else’s. 

Published by Amanda Matelonek

A film enthusiast who enjoys the history and process of movie design and development.

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