Career Advice For Women: Start that blog, podcast or website!

First Name: Sharon
Your Career Field: Tech
Your Career Story:  If you’re passionate about a topic, talk about it! Building your own personal brand online or even offline has many positive factors. By building your own personal brand, you can teach others what you have learned or would like to share. By creating something you have control over, you can talk freely about it and on a way more personal level. Just by creating new content, you showcase your commitment to talk about topics important to you. You also can hear other people’s stories and share them! Whether it’s creating that blog, podcast or website, you have the power and control to become a figure people can know and relate too. 

Words of Advice: Build your own personal brand. Start that blog, podcast or website! 

Published by Amanda Matelonek

A film enthusiast who enjoys the history and process of movie design and development.

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