Career Advice For Women: Life and work are about progress, not perfection

First Name: Kate
Your Career Field: Advertising
Your Career Story:  Know when good is good enough and let go of perfection. The reality is, no one is perfect. Setting unrealistic goals can be detrimental to ones mental health and stress. Everyone has their own opinions on what’s great or good enough work. If you try, and do what you can to make your work as good as It can be, then don’t take it personally if someone isn’t impressed with the results. We need to stop focusing so much on perfection. Strive for progress and appreciate the end result. It’s not about how fast we can get to a specific destination or career, but the journey it took to get there. 

Words of Advice: Life and work are about progress, not perfection.

Published by Amanda Matelonek

A film enthusiast who enjoys the history and process of movie design and development.

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